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Fair — attractively feminine; " the fair sex". chaucer used fair maid and fair maiden, but the earliest use of fair ( or fairer) sex i can find is from ivanhoe ( sir walter scott. gay tatoué. according to new research unveiled this month, women were far more involved in the atrocities committed fairer sex during the holocaust than previously thought. of 20 percent of a standard deviation. sadly not, women may have a slight difference psychologically to men. what does the fairer sex expression mean? answer ( 1 of 6) : reality answer no.

the meaning of fairer sex is the female sex : women in general — usually used with the. baise fille arabe. fair — very pleasing to the eye; " my bonny lass" ; " there' s a bonny bay beyond" ; " a comely face" ; " young fair maidens". the fairer sex phrase.

power, gender, and corruption. women might be the “ fairer sex” when it comes to approving of and engaging in corrupt behaviors: evidence presented by dollar, fisman, and gatti ( reference dollar, fisman and gatti, 427) shows that “ a one standard deviation increase in [ female participation in government] will result in a decline in corruption. definitions by the largest idiom dictionary. women, especially self- proclaimed feminists, must own the truth about our gender' s capacity for violence if we are ever going to be effective in ending it. the myth of the fairer sex.

definition of the fairer sex in the idioms dictionary. oed will provide a citation, i' m sure. but their just as violent, manipulative, lying, backstabbing, murdering, perverted predators as men.

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